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You have only to ask him this one question: Perceptive, discerning people who evaluate BJU’s students and grads will likely be met with a distinctive brand of Jonesian idolatry. One of the most telling portions of the letter detailed Bob Jr. Underwood noted that BJU’s Bible faculty was originally Calvinist, taught Calvinism to the students, and the students embraced that which they were taught. I’m not a Calvinist but after reading this letter it appeared that BJU started out as a Calvinist university and then changed to Armenianism because the Joneses thot that would attract more students. The point is not Calvinism. The point is that BJU’s leadership demonstrated a lack of competence, honesty, and consistency in selecting the religious doctrine they were being paid to teach to their customers students. When it became advantageous to change the religious beliefs being taught to their customers, they fired their Calvinist staff, hired new people who would teach what they taught, and betrayed the graduates to whom they taught the old doctrine. This sort of duplicity, double-dealing with the truth, and betrayal of their students, grads, and supporters has been a recurring theme of the school. The most egregious example of this sort of duplicity involved the interracial dating ban.

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Life as a Bob Jones Student: Posters of movie and music stars and fashion models are not permitted. The subjects of personal photos should not exhibit immodesty or inappropriate physical contact. New Age, jazz, rock, and country music is not permitted. Contemporary Christian music is not permitted e. You may not possess or play computer and video games rated T, M, A, or E10, or having elements of blood and gore, sensual or demonic themes, or featuring suggestive dress, bad language, or rock music.

In his rationale for dropping his school’s ban on interracial dating, Bob Jones III may have changed the fundamentalist movement.

They demand denial of a tax exemption for the fundamentalist Christian school on grounds that it is racially discriminatory. After 11 years of wrangling between the university and the Internal Revenue Service, the Supreme Court has been asked to decide the case once and for all. The case was left hanging when the Court took a two-week recess, but Court observers believe it will agree to hear the case after it returns March The issue is religious freedom.

He said the policy is biblically based and pointed out it applies equally to students of all races. The Bible is our authority. Jones said he neither looks for fights nor ducks them. Our first allegiance is to the Lord. Dating rules are strictly enforced, as is a dress code. According to a student handbook, students may not even gripe.

Attendance at daily chapel sessions is mandatory.

Bob Jones University

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Rollicking gastrointestinal Mauricio Xeroxes troke free swedish dating sites in. Overburdensome Nahum dusts, Sam club employee dating policy cover-ups. What Is Our Pledge of Accountability? However, in May of that year, BJU expanded rules against interracial dating and marriage.. Rules and policies change without proper notification.

Bob Jones University

About This Site Thank you for visiting. I was a member of a spiritually abusive Independent Fundamental Baptist Church for a little over 25 years. The focus of this site, therefore, is the issue of spiritual abuse and deception in the IFB churches.

I mentioned the infamous Bob Jones University student handbook in an earlier post after explaining it was the school from which one of the extremist authors I was reading as part of a self-imposed cultural studies program graduated back in It was the university that famously insisted God didn’t want blacks intermingling with whites and refused to admit non-married black students until as late as

Alexandria, VA Dear Mr. Thank you for your phone call requesting information concerning interracial relations here at Bob Jones University. The University has an open admissions policy, and we accept students of any race. The student body is fully integrated with all students participating in all activities and organizations regardless of race.

Bob Jones University does, however, have a rule prohibiting interracial dating among its students. God has separated people for His own purpose. He has erected barriers between the nations, not only land and sea barriers, but also ethnic, cultural, and language barriers. God has made people different one from another and intends those differences to remain. Bob Jones University is opposed to intermarriage of the races because it breaks down the barriers God has established.

It mixes that which God separated and intends to keep separate. Every effort in world history to bring the world together has demonstrated man’s self-reliance and his unwillingness to remain as God ordains. The attempts at one-worldism have been to devise a system without God and have fostered the promotion of a unity designed to give the world strength so that God is not needed and can be overthrown. Although there is no verse in the Bible that dogmatically says that races should not intermarry, the whole plan of God as He has dealt with the races down through the ages indicates that interracial marriage is not best for man.

We do believe we see principles, not specific verses, to give us direction for the avoidance of it.

Spiritual Abuse

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Spiritual abuse often leads people to question their spirituality or standing with God. Victims become preoccupied with observing others in the congregation to see who is living up to the rules and who isn’t.

Turns Out They Teach Lies. These schools teach creationism, racism and sexism. Growing up in private evangelical Christian schools, Bishop saw the world in extremes, good and evil, heaven and hell. She was taught that to dance was to sin, that gay people were child molesters and that mental illness was a function of satanic influence.

So when Bishop left school in and entered the real world at 17, she felt like she was an alien landing on Planet Earth for the first time. Having been cut off from mainstream society, she felt unequipped to handle the job market and develop secular friendships. Lacking shared cultural and historical references, she spent most of her 20s holed up in her bedroom, suffering from crippling social anxiety.

Now, at 31, she has become everything that she was once taught to hate. She shares an apartment with her girlfriend of two years. She sees a therapist and takes medication for depression, a condition born, in part, of her stifling education. Years later, some of the schools Bishop attended are largely the same, but some have changed in a significant way: Unlike when Bishop was a student, parents are not the only ones paying tuition for these fundamentalist religious schools — so are taxpayers.

Amanda Lucier for HuffPost Ashley Bishop didn’t find out until after she graduated from Christian schools that she was unprepared for a wider world of education.

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Gaouette Home-schooled children are better prepared for the world and are far more socialized than regular schooled children. My home-schooled children have lots of friends who go to Christian and public schools, and my children are better behaved and play better. They share well, play with both genders well, are polite…etc.

In , following a media uproar prompted by the visit of presidential candidate George W. Bush to the university, Bob Jones III dropped the university’s interracial dating rule, announcing the President: Steve Pettit.

Anyone who actually did his research should know it was Bob Jones, Sr. However, let us also be honest to say that BJU was wrong about segregation. Attempts to use Scripture to support segregation are misinterpretations and misapplications. It is unfortunate that BJU so strongly supported segregation for many years. Even many of their supporters were embarrassed by this misuse of Scripture. But let us also remember that there were considerable number of conservative fundamentalist in the south that supported segregation for many years.

Being one among many others who are misusing Scripture is a poor reason to justify error. Fundamentalists assert that they are Bible believers. That’s why its so important to get it right. When we defend error by declaring we are contending for truth, truth suffers, and we lose a lot of credibility in the eyes of those who know what the Bible actually teaches. But the uneasy truth is he is not that far off. Anyone that lived in the south through that period knows that the conservative right has been at the back of the train in the areas of racial equality.

Bob Jones University’s Racist Anti-miscegenation Rule Discussed on Larry King Live (PART FOUR)

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