How to Easily Season a Cast Iron Skillet

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Lodge inch Cast Iron Skillet Cast iron delivers great performance at a low cost With cast iron, you definitely don’t have to make tradeoffs between price and performance. In fact, the cast-iron pan that earns the best overall reviews from both professionals and home users is the bargain-priced Lodge Inch Skillet Est.

This generously sized cast iron frying pan comes from the factory already seasoned, meaning that vegetable oil has been sprayed onto the pan and baked on at a very high temperature. This eliminates the hassle of having to season the pan before first use; however, many knowledgeable cooks, both expert, and amateur, recommend additional initial seasoning for best performance, and Lodge has detailed instructions for doing so on its website.

Oct 26,  · This guide will make cooking with cast iron a breeze! Check us out on Facebook! – MUSIC Promenade En Provence Licensed via Audio Network.

A few of them are hand-me-downs from my great-grandmother, a set that was graciously given to me one Christmas from my maternal grandmother. She grew up in a small town in Connecticut, not far from the shore, and my great-grandmother lived there until she was in her 80s. Her cottage was rustic, and even though I was in elementary school the last time I visited I clearly remember her woodstove and all the cast iron skillets she used on it — the same skillets I now have in my house.

Cast iron skillets have many superhero-like powers that helping to keep you strong and healthy. And remember, never use soap to clean your cast iron skillet! Add the olive oil and butter to a cast iron skillet, and then place it on the stovetop to preheat between medium and medium-high heat. Season one side of the pork chops with salt, pepper and BBQ

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It is fun to learn the history and origin of old cast iron cookware. It can also be a huge learning curve. Here are tips to help you with your research as you venture into the world of vintage cast iron skillet identification. This is an overview; there are many ins and outs and exceptions, of course. The Internet has opened up a myriad of ways to identify cast iron. Be as descriptive as you can when doing your search. There, if you are lucky, you will find identifying information about your pan.

While you might find information, verifying its accuracy is always a good idea. If the manufacturer has placed its logo or name on a piece, it is much easier to identify the time frame within which the pan was made. There are many resources to help you identify and date a piece when you know the manufacturer. There are also very knowledgeable and passionate long-time collectors out there who have a vast amount of information about vintage and antique cast iron cookware.

Most are happy to share their knowledge with beginning cast iron enthusiasts. Two clubs that have been very helpful to me, and of which I am a proud member, are:

Cast Iron Chaos: Birmingham Stove and Range

These are the best methods for stripping off old seasoning, getting rid of rust, and making old, damaged, and vintage cast iron skillets, pans, and cookware as good as new. A restored vintage piece of cast iron cookware, ready to be seasoned. Daniel Gritzer] Serious Eats has become a pretty great resource for cast iron cooking, thanks to some of the articles Kenji has written on the topic, from recipes to care and maintenance guides as well as some serious myth busting.

These are the best methods for stripping off old seasoning, getting rid of rust, and making old, damaged, and vintage cast iron skillets, pans, and cookware as good as new. One of the wonders of cast iron is that it’s tough as nails, and can last for generations. For those looking to take their cast.

July From the Editor This issue of cast Iron Cookware News begins the second volume. A continuing problem has been getting the newsletter out on time so, to catch up a bit, I have made this a double-sized issue. You will now receive fewer than six issues in this volume but you will still get at least 36 pages, in all, of the same, quality material. If you do not have the back issues and want them, now is the time to get volume one issues Since each volume contains completely new material, a complete set of CICN is a valuable reference now and will be even more so in the future.

Above Yes, the No. The photograph to the left was taken by the editor of one in a friend’s collection. The pencil rubbing on the right, sent in by Glen Gary, Owensboro, KY, is of the bottom, from the heat ring inward. Shown full size, it is not marked with a number “1” on the top or the bottom but can be considered a No. The one that is marked No. What is strange is that the No. O skillet pattern are virtually the same size. Any dimensional differences are very slight and not readily apparent to the eye.

Cast Iron Cookware News: Vol. II No. 1

They also discontinued the number 4 size pan with the Century series. I’m still looking for authentic or photographic verification of the size difference between the Red Mountain and Century series 14 pans. All of their pans had handles with a scooped hole on the underside for hanging the pan, shaped in the style seen here. The hole is teardrop shaped.

There is a ridge or edge along the underside of the handle from the handle to the hole. This handle was longer and thinner, and the hanging eye hole had more of an oval shape than a teardrop shape.

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Has sturdy and ergonomic handles It does not warp It may need re-seasoning over time It is heavy Not the widest skillet on the list Verdict: This skillet is an amazing choice if you want one that is simple but functional. Maintenance is easy while food release is quick. It is a versatile cookware that can do a lot of things.

From our research, we found that the skillet can act as a mini grill and also as a pan for baking since it is oven safe to degrees. In addition, the cast-iron used in its construction allows for consistent heat penetration through the whole dish. In terms of capacity, it impresses with its ability to make big batches of desserts since it can serve more than five portions at a go. Due to its size, it allows for a good mix without interfering with the taste of food. The ridges appear rough like something that will collect a lot.

Washing the skillet appears harder too and though food can easily slip out of the skillet simply by using a spatula to let out the sides and guiding it into a plate, you need some extra effort to thoroughly remove the crumbs from the ridges which may be awkward. However, there is no match to this skillet when it comes to durability and safety.

Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. However, the first mention of a cast-iron kettle in English appeared in or , though this wasn’t the first use of metal vessels of cooking. The term pot came into use in Both terms referred to a vessel capable of withstanding the direct heat of a fire.

Got this 10 inch skillet at an antique store in Leavenworth, KS about 5 years ago. It was pretty rusty when I got it, but it has cleaned up nicely, although I’m still working on it.

Pages of invaluable cast iron cookware information. Smith — The Panman David G. He has been collecting for over thirty years during which time he has assembled one of the finest collections of Iron Muffin Pans and Broilers in the nation. Not content with only collecting early cookware, David Smith became keenly interested in the history of cast iron cookware and its manufacturers. He spent hundreds of hours researching creating a monthly news letter for over 10 years. In addition to collecting, he has been actively buying and selling iron cookware for over a decade.

It is now back in its 4th edition with even more pictures, updated values for cast iron cookware and kitchen collecting enthusiasts, and expanded charts. This definitive, encyclopedic guide details durable cast-iron antiques, including cornstick pans, griddles, Dutch ovens, gem pans, coffee grinders and roasters, trivets, molds, broilers, teapots, and much more. Nearly 1, photographs document variations of shape, size, dates, moldings, finishes, hardware types, catalog numbers, and markings.

There are comprehensive histories of the manufacturers Griswold, Wagner, Sidney Hollow Ware, Favorite, and Wapak, as well as patent lists for meticulous researchers. This is an essential reference for anyone wishing to invest in these timeless treasures.

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Cast Iron Skillets Versatile and economical, cast iron will serve you well for many years, and maybe your children and grandchildren as well. Although it takes longer to heat than other types of skillets, cast iron retains its heat very well and excels at browning, searing and baking. It also goes seamlessly from stovetop to oven, and can be used on the grill or over an open flame — making it very popular with campers and tailgaters.

When broken in and treated properly, cast iron will develop some natural nonstick properties, although it may never be nonstick enough for that perfect over-easy egg. Cast iron frying pans are inexpensive and are virtually indestructible, but they’re heavy and can be unwieldy.

Dean R, from Massachusetts, wrote to “Ask The Pan Handler” and sent along two photographs of a pretty square skillet. Dean asked for help with identification of the pan. He said, “This skillet has a gate mark, is marked with L7 on the bottom, and has four small legs.

Get more Spoon in your feed. That email doesn’t look right. Cast irons are easy to take care of! They are a bit delicate because of the seasoning on them, so it does require a bit of special care. For mine, I use a clean sponge with no soap and just rinse, that simple! For the more difficult pieces of food that get stuck, just use the back of a sponge and scrub. When cleaning your cast iron, make sure NOT to use soap!!

This will take off the seasoning and will cause you to have to reseason it! Reseasoning is difficult and time consuming so make sure you know how to care for your cast iron! They will last you way longer than that non-stick that you have in your pantry! When cared for properly, cast irons can last decades. Which is pretty awesome, at least in my eyes.

History Of Wagner Cast Iron

Did you know you want a vintage cast iron skillet? I apologize in advance for tempting you with visions of the perfect new addition to your kitchen ;-. Cast iron is a must have for all southern cooks, but you probably already knew that.

Over the years I’ve collected several cast iron skillets. A few of them are hand-me-downs from my great-grandmother, a set that was graciously given to me one Christmas from my maternal grandmother.

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The hardest part of this recipe is making an omelet in the iron skillet. Luckily I inherited a small iron skillet from my grandmother that is as slick as any non-stick and works great for omelets. It’s also delicious with some Keto Breakfast “Potatoes” on the side!

What To Do With New Cast Iron Pans? (and info about them)

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